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How to cope with digital eye strain

Are you working behind a digital screen more often and for longer periods? Now more than ever many people are suffering from digital eye strain. The symptoms of digital eye strain are sore, tired, or burning eyes, watery or dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision and difficulty concentrating.



If you are suffering from digital eye strain, here are a few tips to help improve these symptoms.


  1. Maintain a healthy distance from your digital device, ideally your arms length and slightly below eye level.
  2. Match the brightness of your screen with the ambient light in the room.
  3.  Help to reduce the glare of your screen
  4.  If you must alternate between looking at your paperwork and screen, consider using an attachable clip board that will hold your paperwork closer to your digital  working  space.
  5. Remember to blink, often an intentionally.
  6.  Consider wearing anti-glare blue light blocking spectacles.
  7. See your optometrist for a routine assessment to ensure that your ocular health is well and to assess if you require any prescriptions spectacles.